Redemptive Technology -Spreading the Gospel

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation 

Mark 16:15  

God gives us everything. He created us just as He desired with our own unique set of gifts and talents that he intended for us to use for His purposes – His Glory.

By God’s grace and work in my life I have come to understand that truth more fully over the years. 
On this journey I have at different times tried to discover the best way I can serve God.

Different seasons (selfish youth,clueless college student,career, marriage and family) have brought forth different degrees of effort. 

See my My First Post  for more background.

I have tried various endeavors on my “quest to figure out how to best serve God” 
but as I have come to understand and value prayer,studying the bible and walking with God, I realize I must allow God to lead me.
I have asked him to reveal to me ways in which he desires to use my gifts and talents for his agenda.
Once such “way” is using technology for His purposes.

The Middle School headmaster at the school my boys attend, once gave a presentation 
about “the Redemptive Use of Technology”. 
His presentation resonated with me.
I realized I had a legitimate choice about the use of today’s technology. 
I could fight it (and the dark side of this world it can unveil for our kids and fellow man
or embrace technology as a tool I could use for good and God.  
In fact God has used the technology of many eras to spread the gospel. 
Examples include the Guttenberg Printing press,radio,television,the computer, the internet and cell phones.

As life has unfolded I am now “attempting” to employ technology to that end. Spreading the gospel in one way or another.

Using blogging,Twitter,Facebook, texting and email 
to write Christian posts, 
send Bible verses, 
promote Christian causes and humanitarian aid.
Hurray– redemptive use of technology

In this small way I hope to honor and serve God, praying for Him to lead me as to what to post as I attempt to be “Salt and Light” to others.

This idea of being “salt and light” is a biblical concept found in many places in the Bible.

Salt– Colossians 4:6Matthew 5:13 Mark 9:50 


Psalm 89: 15-18  Romans 14:19

Matthew 5: 14 Matthew 5:15, Matthew 5:16 

God has a purpose for each of our lives. We are precious to HIm. 
He loves us beyond all imagining. 

We will never know the details of how God’s full purpose for our lives plays out in the long history of His plan. I don’t want to waste the precious time he gives me.
By no means am I saying I will not fail daily and hourly in this endeavor.
The truth is I am a sinner prone to backslide.

God wants each of us to have a full and abundant life- to enjoy the pleasures he has provided. 

As for me I want to serve Him well and not just serve myself. (self absorbed time waster that I am- pursuing deceitful desires instead of extending God’s kingdom.) 


Pray continuously  Ephesians 6:18  1 Thessalonians 5:17 

Seek God’s Wisdom & guidanceclick here for my Post on Wisdom                        Proverbs 3  Proverbs 3:5 
Avoid complacency

-Ask God to show each of us “the log in my own eye” Luke 6:42  Matthew 7:3  Matthew7:5

Love one another   Mark 12:31 John 13:34  Matthew 6:33  Isaiah 55:6  1Chronicles 16:11  

Be humble     Philippians 2:3

Read God’s word- the Bible.                                                                                slowing down and thinking about what God is saying to me…what His Will is for my life.  The Bible is our instruction book for life. The very word of God for us to read and follow.
Have you read it?
Click here to read my post on the Bible.
 2 Timothy 3:16 Psalm 119:160   Psalm 119:159   Psalm 119:11 

May this humble endeavor richly bless you. To God be the Glory each moment!

Today’s Verse

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men” Colossians 3:23    

Try to live out this verse today.  Let me know how it goes— please share a Comment or ask a question- all are welcome. FYI-you can post as “anonymous”.  

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