Meet Julie

Hi! I am glad you are here. I have had several “livesHere is a little bit about me

  • I love my precious family- Husband Russell and sons Alexander and Dylan, plus Sky our Lab.
  • Variety is my happy place.
  • Blog: You will find both serious articles and joyful lighthearted content. I hope to inform, inspire or delight you in various ways. My goal is to make a difference for God and for you. And add some sunshine into your day and mine.

I Love:

  • God and his beautiful creation – it is so magnificent! The variety of flowers, foods, animals, people and terrain. I find it all Amazing. Such wonders! To God be All the Glory!
  • Exploring the world. I have traveled across the globe, experiencing incredible adventures, sights, people, and realities.
  • Being Outdoors- In nature I find it easier to talk to God. It is peaceful.
  • Photography-a fabulous creative outlet
  • Flowers- so magical
  • Recipes- Yum! Fun and creative. Baking, Cooking and Experimenting (Sous Vide = so good!). I have 1000’s of recipes.
  • Sports- Swimming,Running,hiking,biking


  • I never give up! (mostly a good trait)
  • I have had a lot of really unusual “experiences”
  • I get easily sidetracked (ugh), perhaps just interested in too many things?
  • I fear being embarrassed. (I am working on this-read Isaiah 41:10).
  • I am a messy cook (yikes)
  • Recipes – I can be indecisive selecting what to make as I have literally thousands of recipes 😳! Mine, my Moms, Grandmothers, my Cookie store, the Gluten Free years…my boys (1 with a peanut allergy) were intolerant to a massive amount of food 20 years ago before anyone heard of Gluten Free, so I created all sorts of special diet recipes)
  • I can be “all over the map” in my thoughts which includes ADD “ish” blogging moments. (boo!)

Past Experience:  Entrepreneur

  • I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt, Frozen Yogurt Store – Co-Owner with my brother, which we grew (with lots of help)  into International Franchise
  • Java Coast Coffee
  • Crumbles Cookie Kitchen
  • Eternal Fruit– Really cute Christian T’ Shirt, Styrofoam Cups etc (I still have inventory but don’t seem to want to mess with it)

About This Blog

  • Established in 2011. It will always be evolving. This may defy conventional wisdom and SEO but who wants to be conventional? 
  • I hope you take a few minutes to explore while you are here. Thanks for trusting me with your valuable time.


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