Meet Julie

Hi my name is Julie Brice Beiersdorf. Welcome to a tiny corner of my world. I hope you like variety. I think its the spice of life! I love learning new things so you have landed in the right spot. I hope to inform, inspire, delight and challenge you (and me) in different ways. Some serious and others downright silly. 

Think of it this way. I have ADD blogging moments so you never know what I might veer off and write about… here and there.  But that is the FUN of it.  Check out my categories to do a little discovery.

I have had several “lives”. Here’s a little bit about me.

I love the Lord, my husband Russell and our 2 boys Alexander and Dylan. 

I like to explore – the world, food, new ideas.

Life skills – experimenting, exploring, cooking, photography gardening, swimming, entrepreneurial ventures and a bit of forgetfulness (can you relate). 

Confessions: I am a messy cook. Organized but get easily side-tracked, interested in too many things. And I never give up.

This blog, established in 2011, will always be evolving. This may defy conventional wisdom and SEO but who wants to be conventional?

Join me for the fun