God’s Wisdom Proverbs 2

Do you seek God’s wisdom? or the wisdom of “the world” from your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances?  

Or perhaps from the internet or from sound bites and snippets from various sources.

After all that can seem to be the easiest way. Get opinions quickly without waiting. 

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness…

I have to be diligent in spending time with God and seeking His will for my life.

God first.

If I am not “in that place” in my spiritual life then I fall short of what God intends for me.

Daily I have to “take up my cross” and follow him. 

Sometimes I do not. Not in defiance but mostly neglect or laziness or the idol of “busyness”

What about you?

What source is totally Reliable?  Loving?

Seek God’s wisdom. It is found in the Bible. The book of Proverbs is full of His wisdom for your life.

Moral Benefits of Wisdom
Proverbs 2:1-22

My son, if you accept my words

store up my commands within you, 
[2] turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding, 

[3]  and if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, 

[4]  and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, 

[5]  then you will understand the fear of the Lord and 
find the knowledge of God.

[6]  For the Lord gives wisdom, 
and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

[7]  He holds victory in store for the upright, 
he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless, 
[8] for he guards the course of the just 
and protects the way of his faithful ones.
[9]  Then you will understand what is right and just and fair—every good path.

[10]  For wisdom will enter your heart, 
and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.

[11]  Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you.

[12]  Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men
from men whose words are perverse, 

[13]  who leave the straight paths to walk in dark ways,

[14]  who delight in doing wrong 
and rejoice in the perverseness of evil,
15] whose paths are crooked and who are devious in their ways.

[16] Wisdom will save you also from the adulteress, 
from the wayward wife with her seductive words, 
[17] who has left the partner of her youth and ignored the covenant she made before God.
[18] For her house leads down to death and her paths to the spirits of the dead. 
[19]  None who go to her return or attain the paths of life. 

[20]  Thus you will walk in the ways of good men 
keep to the paths of the righteous.  (see definition below)

[21]  For the upright will live in the land,
 and the blameless will remain in it; 
[22] but the wicked will be cut off from the land, and the unfaithful will be torn from it.

You can find God’s wisdom and truth in the Bible.
Have you read it?  
Part of it?   All of it?
If you have not read the entire Bible think about reading the Bible in 1 Year.  I know it sounds daunting but you can do it. 
You can read an online version or read a paperback version available at many bookstores.

Read the Bible in a Year by EMAIL  Simple and convenient. Your daily scripture reading is e-mailed directly to you.
I have just signed up for this. I selected the NASB version in Chronological Order.  I have been interested in reading a Chronological bible so this is my opportunity.

eWord Read the Bible in 1 Year – Online Bible resource with 5 Bible Reading Plans in over 50 Translations. 
You choose you favorite version such as the NIV or . 
Choose the Bible reading plan include reading the Bible Beginning to End or  in Chronological Order, Historical Order, New then Old etc.

Biblos Online Parallel BIBLE

   1) acting in accord with divine or moral law: free from guilt or sin
   2) morally right or justifiable (a righteous decision)
Synonyms =  good, virtuous, upright, decent; ethical, moral, honest
Related Words = principled; worthy; blameless, clean, guiltless, incorruptible
Antonyms = sinful, bad, dishonest, evil, evil-minded, immoral, wicked
(source – Mirriam-Webster online dictionary)http://salt-light-blog.blogspot.com/p/bible.html

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