My Inaugural Blog Post and God’s Timing -Feb. 20th a Pivotal Date in My Life

I have been rescued by God from a plane crash but more Importantly Rescued by God Eternally thru Christ

Salt and Light Blog is my very first blog! This is my inaugural blog post. God lead me to publish my first post on a life changing date, the 20th anniversary of the date He rescued me from death. Twenty years ago on February 20, 1991, my husband Garvin and I were in a plane crash. My husband along with 19 others diedThis clearly had far reaching effects on my life, the lives of others and my walk with God. I will save those details for a later post and explain how I survived a plane crash. 

Today I humbly approach this project. It is my heart’s desire to use this blog to serve God and advance His Kingdom.  I hope to use the time, talents and gifts He has graciously given to me, to make a difference in someone’s life for God.  It is my hope and prayer that this blog will bless you!!  

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GODS TIMING for Salt and Light Blog

I affectionately call this endeavor a “GodBlog.” It is His and not mine! I will go where He leads me. May the will of God be done… not my will, as I prayerfully consider what to write.

Backstory -I have been praying to God to give me His words to type and that He would spur me on to finally post something on this blog. I actually had the idea, named the blog and obtained my blog address in October of 2010Why did I wait until now? Why did I hesitate to make this blog a priority? The truth is Sin!

“I was chicken” (sin of pride). I was “busy” with other things (sin of not putting God first). I had so many ideas… I did not know where to start (sins of pride and procrastination).
I just did not get it done! (sin of laziness) and the list goes onexcuses excuses! You get the picture. Perhaps you have this same problem. Perhaps you can relate to some of these sins.

Thankfully God is good and His timing is PERFECT.
Earlier in the week I had finally written the first draft of this inaugural blog post. I was fairly happy with what I had written, yet I delayed posting it, needing to correct some misspelled words and review it again. Ugh!

Sadly I must admit that I am a perfectionist so a little procrastination is not unusual. I continued to pray that God would give me the words to write and clearly provide His timing for publishing this first post, officially “launching” Salt and Light blog.

Waiting on the Lord was a fairly new concept for me, yet I want to be on His timeline and not mine! 


Today I arrived home absolutely determined to finish my post and perhaps publish it. Then it occurred to me, that today might be February 20th, the date of the plane crash that changed my life forever, the lives of  the Lally family (Garvins sweet parents, Hugh and Carol and his sisters Maria, Alanna and Gina and brother E.J.), and the lives of everyone on that airplane .

In my “not so productive busyness”, I had not looked at the calendar. It is hard to fathom that I had not paid attention. Actually it is beyond the pale.     

I checked the calendar on my phone and knew instantly this was surely God’s sign for me to launch my blog. I scrapped the now infamous “first draft” and wrote this post.


For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future – Jeremiah 29:11

Indeed God has given me a Hope and Future. He rescued from the clutches of death (earthly and eternally).

By His infinite grace, loving provision and mercy upon mercy, God has given me a godly (and very humorous) husband Russell and our two wonderful sons, Alexander and Dylan. Thank you Lord for my precious family.

By no merit of my own, God, my Abba Father, has given Jesus, the creator and his son, to by my Lord and Savior. I will someday with them for all eternity.

You can have peace with God! To quote Billy Graham “God loves you and wants you the experience peace and life- abundant and eternal”  If you do not know this Jesus, you owe it to yourself to investigate.

Read “How to Receive Eternal Salvation”

God has always richly blessed me (whether in joys or trials) and now beyond measure!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. -Romans 8:28

Thank You for reading my very first post!  

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To God be All the Glory! Julie

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Julie Brice Beiersdorf -a native Texan, Christian & adventurous spirit, former entrepreneur. I love to try new things & explore. I seek/desire to be Useful & Fruitful for God (not so easy). I am at a crossroad in life, which way will I turn? Passions: Family | Food | Flowers | Photography | and God’s Beautiful Creation, which gives me Peace & can take my breath away! | Unusual fact- I survived a plane crash & drowning. Thank you, LORD, for Saving Me then and for All Eternity!

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