Meet SKY One Of The Most Beautiful Dogs You Will Ever See

Dogs are one of God’s most wonderful creatures! SKY our Labrador Retriever is a gorgeous yellow lab. She has the most expressive eyes and is full of personality. I will be featuring Sky in an ongoing photo essay series. I have tried to capture her playful spirit and beauty.  

This first set of photographs let you meet Sky as a puppy. I thought these photos were sweet.  I also included a few current photos of her. Let me know what you think!

Our new sweet little Labrador Retriever Puppy is asleep. We named her SKY.

Sky our new Labrador Retriever Puppy sound asleep on her 2nd day with us. She is a sweet little Labrador Retriever Puppy we named SKY

Our new Labrador Retriever Puppy, so small, laying on our red oriental rug

SKY our new little Labrador Retriever Puppy looking so adorable and sleepy.

Did you know?

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club.  That was news to me.!  It does make sense. Labs are wonderful, friendly easy going dogs. I have had a Russian Wolfhound, a Collie, and other breeds. Labs always seem to be great pets.

I hope you enjoy her exploits. She is quite photogenic. If you are not a dog lover perhaps Sky will convince you. 

You can follow Sky on her Instagram account @skyourlab  Yes it is kind of silly, but oh so FUN!  

Sweet SKY our new Labrador puppy so adorable as she sleeps

Sweet SKY our new Labrador Retriever puppy so Adorable and sound asleep

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Sky our fun Labrador Retriever Puppy looking right at me with the cutest expression

Mommy? Seems to be the expression on Sky our fun and sometimes silly Labrador Retriever Puppy’s face

Our beautiful <strong>Labrador Retriever puppy</strong>, named SKY is talking to me with her Eyes

Hi Mom – SKY is talking to me with her Eyes

Selecting a Yellow Lab Puppy at the Kennel

Here are a few photos at the Kennel when we chose SKY to be our puppy. 

Selecting a Labrador Retriever Puppy. Three hands petting the same puppy.

Selecting a Labrador Retriever PUPPY. Liking this beautiful cute one to be named SKY

At the breeders Dylan checks out this cute Retriever puppy (we choose her)

Dylan is smitten with this yellow lab puppy – the future SKY Beiersdorf

Labrador Retriever Puppy will be going home with us to be named SKY

Cuteness Labrador Retriever Puppy and Russell

Alexander holding Sky Our beautiful yellow Lab puppy

Alexander Holding SKY Our Lab puppy

Sky – Fully Grown

Beautiful Sky our blonde Lab happily lounging in her doggie bed

Selfie of Sky our Labrador with Dylan and Payton.

Happiness! Selfie of Sky our Labrador with Dylan and Payton.

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