Disturb Us Lord Prayer by Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake, famous sea captain was the author of the words in this post

Disturb Us, Lord, a prayer written in the 15th century by the famous sea captain and explorer Sir Francis Drake, is a striking appeal to God! Centuries later a wonderful song has been written and recorded also entitled Disturb Us Lord. They both remind me of how I can get off course in life and become distant from God. Sometmes I need to be disturbed and reawakened.

I urge you to first read the prayer, written in 1577 by Drake, who is famous for circumnavigating the globe. Read his appeal slowly. Then read the lyrics to the Disturb Us Lord Song. Contemplate Drakes timeless sentiments and those of the modern song

Ask God to open your heart and mind to the message these words may hold for you.

What is true for your life? Ask God for His wisdom and discernment.

POEM by Sir Francis Drake

Disturb us, Lord, when

We are too pleased with ourselves,

When our dreams have come true

Because we dreamed too little,

When we arrived safely

Because we sailed too close to the shore.

Disturb us, Lord, when

with the abundance of things we possess

We have lost our thirst

For the waters of life;

Having fallen in love with life,

We have ceased to dream of eternity

And in our efforts to build a new earth,

We have allowed our vision

Of the new Heaven to dim.

Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly,

To venture on wilder seas

Where losing sight of land

We shall find the stars.                                                                   

We ask you to push back

The horizons of our hopes;

And to push back the future 

In strength, courage, hope, and love.

This we ask in the name of our Captain,

Who is Jesus Christ!    (End of prayer)


Here are the Lyrics to DISTURB US LORD by Tony Wood/Lee Black/Dave Clark

Disturb us Lord
When wordly things delight us and we
Fail to look above
When we withhold from others
Though we’ve been given much
If the fire of our first love’s not burning bright as before
Disturb us Lord

Disturb us Lord
When we’re not in your Word and we don’t
Spend time on our knees
When we have a chance but we don’t speak the
Truth that sets men free
It we don’t worship you with fiery passion anymore
Disturb us Lord

Sometimes in your great love
You comfort the troubled
But other times in your great love
You trouble the comfortable

Disturb us Lord
If our lives never touch the lives
Of those still in the dark
If we don’t live with hearts that break for
Things that break your heart
In tenderness please lead your church
Back to your heart once more
Disturb us Lord

If we ever lose the wonder
Of the cross that you once bore
Disturb us Lord
Disturb us Lord


For your further contemplation I have outlined the major themes reflected in the Poem above. Beside each topic are Bible verses I feel relate to the sentiments expressed above.

Please enjoy the analysis below! I’d love to know any Bible Verses you would like me to add to this post  -use the comment form.

God as Supreme John 3:30Micah 6:8,

The World 1 John 2:15-172 Timothy 2:22 Deuteronomy 11:16
James 4:41 Corinthians 3:18-19,

Treasures in Heaven Matthew 6:19-21,
Matthew 6:22-24

Build Your House on the Rock Matthew 7:24-27Psalm 25:15

Be Strong Joshua 1:7
God’s Will Romans 12:2
Your Plans Proverbs 19:21 ,Ecclesiastes 1:14,
Do Not Fear Isaiah 41:13
Wait for the Lord Psalm 27:14,
Faith Hebrews 10:39
Trust Nahum 1:7 Hebrews 13:5,

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To God be the Glory!– Julie


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