An Ode to Big Tex

I can be sentimental about certain things, especially family traditions, one of which is attending the State Fair of Texas.  Big Tex, the icon of the State Fair, has greeted me every year of my life since I can remember.

It was a blue bird day when I took this photo Sept 28, 2012

This year beloved Big Tex has been “reborn” and is a new creation,
after having burned to a crisp a year ago unable to be saved.

As a native Texan, I am partial to my home state and it’s uniqueness.
Many may think all the hoopla about
Big Tex is silly and I have to agree.
In the scheme of things and definitely from an eternal perspectiveBig Tex biting the dust is trivial.

Nothing in this world will last or has eternal significance apart from God and Jesus.

BIG TEX on Fire October 19, 2012

For auld lang syne”, I take my hat off to the “old” Big Tex in this sappy, light hearted post. He has been a fun part of the culture in Texas and will live on in our hearts and minds. Try to imagine His famous voice  (Jim Lowe version), if you were lucky enough to experience it.

Big Tex I miss you

That Crazy happy face

Deep booming voice

SLOW Texas drawl


I’m Big Tex,


To the State Fair of Texas”


Memories of the old days

His magical moving mouth

Delighted by our animatronic Cowboy

A Charlie McCarthy on steroids

 With his Giant Hand of Texas hospitality

Meet you at Big Tex” always the plan

Photos by the white picket fence

Big Tex towering behind


Iconic figure to millions
Loved by all
No second fiddle
To Cotton Candy or Corny Dogs (Fletcher’s that is)

Yet the things of this world are temporal 

Big Tex, betrayed by your boots
Up in flames
A fiery last show

At least a few perennial favorites remain:
“Fried Everything” Fair food,
The Midway, the Auto Show and Bumper Cars
And our magical 1914 Dentzel Carousel

Big Tex, you have joined the old Ferris wheel,

The Comet, our 1947 giant wooden roller coaster and the Sky Ride
Replaced with a new model
Yet your story will live on without you

Thanks for the memories Big Tex!

We all have our own story, including Big Tex, who was originally a giant Santahad seven voices (Jim Lowe my favorite), numerous outfits and other so called “improvements”.
But remember the most significant story for us all, is of

God’s great love for you and for me

the children he created.

He desires to have an everlasting relationship with us which comes only through the work of Jesus on the Cross for our behalf. “For God so love the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not persist but have eternal life.” -John 3:16

If you don’t know this story or you don’t fully understand it or you don’t believe it your good questions have good answers.  
You owe it to yourself to investigate. Your eternal destiny is at stake.
See Resources at the end of this post. 

 I like this quote from Dr. Charles Stanley:

“Deep down, there’s a place within each of us that is made for one thing– a relationship with God.  NO matter how hard we try to cover it up or fill it with something else, we will never be satisfied.Our hearts will remain restless until they find their home with God.That deep, hidden part of you is there, even if you haven’t realized it until now…”

Perhaps it is a big leap to go from a nostalgic silly story about Big Tex to a discussion of your eternal destiny; however, God calls all Christians to be His ambassadors, loving others by telling them about Jesus, Savior. This blog is my humble attempt to be such an ambassador.

Below are some of my favorite personal photos of the State Fair over the years.
To God be the Glory!  -Julie B


Cotton Candy – YUM


Dylan Beiersdorf – Bumper Cars at the State Fair of TX


Alexander Beiersdorf- State Fair of Texas


Fletcher’s Corny Dogs- State Fair of Texas


Cotton Bowl during the State Fair of Texas


Fried “Everything” Fair Food


My son’s Fried Oreo’s



A good website is “Got Questions”

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On the right side of this blog you can explore Links to God’s Work 

For the history of Big Tex click here

(I thank all those folks who worked so hard to “re-imagine and replace” Big Tex. His story will continue thanks to you.)


Photo policy
all photos copyright, Julie Brice Beiersdorf, all rights reserved
if you would like to use one, please link back to this post and give me attribution. Thank you!!

Comet Roller Coaster by Ric Turner
Burning Big Tex- Dallas Morning News

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