Our brave military men and women serve and protect our freedom and our country in many capacities. 

Here is a way YOU Can Serve Them!

Collect new and used DVD’s and send to our Troops!

Our fighting men and women overseas need DVD’s to watch as a diversion from the reality of war.
This is your chance to Support Our Troops. 

DVDs and CDs (used or new) can be sent to AMVETS who sends them to our fighting men and women overseas.

Their website states:

“This 21st Century digital miracle is the key to diversion from mission fatigue. Entertainment, for an hour or two, provided by a DVD is frequently the only diversion for weeks at a time. 

Quality, safe entertainment is difficult at best for our U.S. Armed Forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Even traditional activities such as baseball and softball games are at a high risk because of IEDs, snipersminesbombs and other terrorist activities.”

Just try to imagine their situation.

AMVETS Task Force DVD is an appeal to Patriotic Americans to donate their new and used DVDs. 

You can send DVD’s to AMVETS and they will ship your DVD’s to our fighting men and women overseas. 

Our son, Alexander, is collecting DVD’s from friends and family to send to the troops. 
You can too. 
It is very easy. Here are some options –
PERSONAL– Search your DVD collection for movies you can send. 
FRIENDS–    Collect DVD’s from friends to send
GROUPS–    Organize a big collection effort as a class or group project 
(church groups, boy scouts, girl scouts, camp fire girls, community service organizations, class projects etc).
BUY DVD’s–  Buy new or used DVD’s to send to the troops. 
Used DVD’s are inexpensive and have always worked perfectly fine for our family. 


Keep on loving each other as brothers”- Hebrews 13:1

For our friends reading this post -Xander is happy to pickup the DVD’s at school or from your home or office.

The program is called AMVETS Task Force DVD -click here for detailed information.

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