On October 2, Chuck Colson spoke at Watermark Community Church, which I attend.
Colson called our pastor Todd Wagner and said “I’m going to be in Dallas and I’d love to come preach in your church.” Chuck said “I have not preached in a church in years.” What a marvelous opportunity for us. (I’ve included a link to Chuck’s sermon at the end of this post)
I am familiar with Colson’s Prison Fellowship ministry. I serve in a prison ministry. After hearing Chuck speak I decided to discover more about the many facets of Chuck Colson. 

His Christian ministries and outreach efforts are truly amazing and inspiring
I want to detail his work in this post in hopes you will be moved to review his websites, consider his ministries, connect to his Christian Worldview movement, listen to his broadcasts, read his writings and examine the Manhattan Declaration  
-work with Eternal impact.

Who is Chuck Colson?

Chuck Colson is a Christian leader whom I greatly admire. 
His work includes Prison Fellowship, Justice FellowshipThe Colson Center for Christian WorldviewBreak Point broadcasts, columns, a blog and Two-Minute Warning videos & commentaries. (See below for further information) 
Chuck Colson became a Christian in 1974. He has a very interesting background and I invite you to perform a search on the internet to learn more about him.

What is Prison Fellowship?

Prison Fellowship is a Christian ministry started in 1976 by Chuck Colson, a former prison inmate. 
Colson,an aide to President Nixon,had been incarcerated for 7 months after being convicted on charges stemming from his involvement in the Watergate scandal.
His prison experience changed his life.
Prison Fellowship’s mission is “to see the transformation of prisoners and their reconciliation to God, family, and community through the power and truth of Jesus Christ.
I volunteer in a prison ministry and see first hand how the love of Christ can change hearts,renew spirits and revive lives.  

As quoted from the Prison Fellowship website- The Root Problem . . . The Root Solution

At its core, crime is a moral and spiritual problem
When people have distorted values and attitudes, they make poor moral choices that can cause harm and destruction.

Since the core problem is moral and spiritual, the core solution must also be moral and spiritual. Authentic and lasting change must take place from the inside out—beginning with a reconciled relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Then, as people learn more about the truth and power of Christ, they start to think in a new way, act in a new way, and relate to others in a new way.”

Programs include in-prison programs (mentoring, educational training, biblical training, Ex-Prisoner transition programs and the Angel Tree program which reaches out to the children of inmates at Christmas and beyond.

What is the Colson Center for Christian Worldview?

As stated on their website-The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview is a ministry of BreakPoint, the worldview ministry that is closely associated with Prison Fellowship Ministries. Our mission is to seek the transformation of believers as they apply biblical thinking to all of life, enabling them to transform their communities through the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. BreakPoint provides a Christian perspective on today’s news and trends via radio, interactive media, and print.”

Click here to watch  “Two Minute Warning”.  Each week a video commentary is delivered by Chuck speaking to current and timely cultural issues.  Explore past video’s by searching the archives.
You can subscribe to receive TMW in your inbox each week.
His topics are informative and illuminating on a variety of subjects. 

The daily BreakPoint Radio Broadcast by Chuck Colson  click here
airs each weekday on more than 1,200 outlets with an estimated weekly listening audience of eight million people. You can sign up to receive a daily email.

Both the BreakPoint and Colson Center websites feature commentaries not only by Chuck Colson, but also feature articles by other established and up-and-coming writers to equip readers with a biblical perspective on a variety of issues and topics.” (excerpted from their website)

Watch this “2 Minute Warning” video  by Chuck Colson speaking to Christians about our Nation

What is the Manhattan Declaration?

It is a 4700-word Declaration on Christian conscience drafted and signed in 2009 by national religious leaders in the United States. Drafted by Dr. Robert George, Dr. Timothy George and Chuck Colson- originally signed by more than 150 Orthodox, Catholic and evangelical Christian leaders.

To quote the website

“The central concerns of the Manhattan Declaration – Life, Marriage and Liberty – have been treasured and defended by biblically guided churches throughout history and across traditions.  The Manhattan Declaration courageously addresses these vital issues of our day with principles that are consistent with the best values of the historic church.  Also, it helps today’s church speak with a new tone of respectful compassion in the national discourse. 

 Important for our Nation -The Manhattan Declaration is a statement of principles, not a political action plan.  The Declaration’s aim is to alert secular leaders and other influences of our culture that Christians of many different traditions are already united in fundamental convictions regarding biblical morality and conscience.  

We are deeply concerned about legislative and judicial actions that: 

deny value to the innocent, weak and aged; 

dismantle historic protections and definitions for families, children and marriage; 

and, impose legal strictures contrary to the constitutional freedoms long provided for people and institutions of faith in America.  

The Declaration reminds the nation as well as the church that the Christian conscience is bound to Christ.  We cannot love him or our nation well if we refuse to address challenges to morality and liberty that we believe will unravel the social fabric that protects all her citizens.”  

Read the Manhattan Declaration- click here 

Sign the Declaration– click here  (I signed it)

Chuck Colson’s Sermon “Making the Invisible Church Visible: Why We Must and How We Can”.  Delivered October 2, 2011 at Watermark Community Church.

I hope information in this post is useful to you!

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